Why McDonald’s dropped tomatoes from Indian menus

Tomato crisis
Image caption,Reports say tomato prices have jumped over 400% in recent weeks

The conundrum over the tomato in India right now is not whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable – it’s that it has become expensive, and ridiculously so.

The price of the everyday staple has been climbing steeply for the past couple of weeks, and now stands at almost 200 rupees (£2; $3) a kilo in certain parts of India – a sharp shift from the usual 40-50 rupees.

The costly tomato has wreaked havoc on wallets, in kitchens and even on the streets.

McDonald’s recently made news – not for adding a new dish – but dropping tomatoes from its menu in most of its outlets in northern and eastern India. It cited the unavailability of quality tomatoes “due to seasonal crop issues” as the reason.

The skyrocketing prices have been particularly hard on India’s middle and lower classes, who make up the bulk of the population.

In the western city of Pune, a vegetable seller allegedly smacked a customer in the face with a weighing scale for bickering over the price of 250g of tomatoes.

In Varanasi – the holiest city for India’s Hindu majority – a politician reportedly hired two bouncers to prevent people from haggling over tomato prices at his shop.

There have been reports of https://berharaplahlagi.com people stealing tomatoes from fields and hijacking tomato-laden trucks.

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